Saturday, June 20, 2015

Eat to Live? yeah I was skeptical too.

So, on 6-11-15, I took my mother to her a sleep apnea doctor. She is 60+ yrs. old and has type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and now sleep apnea. Not to mention some thyroid thing I don't completely understand. He advised that losing weight would eliminate many of these issues and reduce the amount of medication she was on. Great, I said. But we already cook every meal at home. No fast food, no processed food and she walks everyday. I buy all the groceries, so besides rice and oatmeal, there aren't a lot of empty carbs in the house (for the rest of the family- yes, but not for her- I buy her frozen mangoes and cherries yum). How is she supposed to lose weight when we've already been doing these things for 2 years and no results (she hasn't gotten worse, just not better either). He suggested Dr. Fuhrman's book, The End of Diabetes- the Eat to Live Plan to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes. He said, it was written by a doctor and was NOT a diet, but a new way of looking at food- mainly encouraging greens, onion, beans and mushrooms. Most of his patients said they could not possibly eat the amount of food suggested in the book. With that I was sold. I can't stand counting calories or timing snacks. I hate being hungry, especially when I have plenty of food in the house. I have actually BEEN hungry, as in the cupboard was bare, so I avoid it now with a vengeance. As for her, she is constantly hungry and it is agonizing. We'd tried everything else, so I ordered it on the spot @$13 used on Amazon while we were in his office and he was still talking to us. Book came in last Sat and we started eating his way on Sunday 6-14. Now, I skimmed through the book, highlighted and took notes. No, I did NOT read the whole thing-I just wanted the cliff notes. As of Friday, 6-19, mom lost 2 pounds and I lost 3 and I felt absolutely stuffed all day and could not have eaten another bite if you paid me. Now I am a believer. I could not follow his guidelines 100% because I would go crazy, so I followed them 50-80%. For us, it was enough. Here's what we ate this week, left overs served as lunch the next day. -Sunday- homemade vegetable soup- added cabbage -Monday- homemade black bean burgers with bacon & cheddar cheese -Tuesday- eggplant parmesan -Wednesday- homemade bean burritos with cheddar cheese, sour cream and green sauce -Thursday- Lasagna Soup with Italian sausage -Friday- Mushroom and Carmelized Shallot Strudel (used onions- not shallots) I also made a dessert - avocado chocolate cookies- they are OK, but I would have rather had guacamole. If no leftovers, I ate kale salad with ginger dressing, soup and a side of broccoli. Mom pretty much ate left over eggplant parm every day for lunch. She loved it. For snacks, I had an orange or an apple (this is normal for me) For breakfast, I ate oatmeal, cranberries & walnuts (this is normal for me) I normally eat healthy, but must have been eating in all the wrong proportions because I have never felt so stuffed. I can't explain it, but hey, it seems to be working. Mom stopped eating rice, which I'm sure helped. I'll keep you posted on the progress and post the recipes. :) Wanna join us on this journey?

Friday, March 20, 2015

So, you wanna write urban fantasy?

Step one:  watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Seaons 1-7


Step two:  read Jim Butcher's tips for writers.  Priceless.  Especially how to get through the Big Swampy Middle.


Step three:  write something. anything and finish it


Step four:  set a goal.   Mine was to write and submit a story for an anthology of short stories


Step five:  get a proof reader and some beta readers. NOT family.  You need re feedback here


Step six:  write hit series, go to Dragoncon and sign autographs

Working on this now:)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Meet Lexi D'ville, The Devil's Daughter

Yes, she's a tall drink of water, but don't let daddy's little girl fool you. Meet Lexi D'Ville, a college girl hell bent on saving this sleepy southern town. You better believe the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.... Yes, I actually live in Lancaster, SC and this place has given me the willies for years! Now, I'm weaving this little town's strange stories together with a devilish Nancy Drew. Give me some feedback! Do you want to read more? I'll also update my blog and Pinterest with pics of the places in my stories and what I've got in mind when I write these characters. FYI- Lexi's got a killer fashion sense. -MK

Saturday, January 24, 2015


I finally wrote something and it's available on kindle!  The Devil's Daughter by Melanie Knight

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Biscuits, butter and white syrup

Does any resolution to "eat right" withstand the decadent temptation of biscuits, butter and karo syrup?  I think not.