Sunday, April 6, 2008

Trend- My consumer tip of the day

If all the doomsday economists are right and we are headed into a depression, please familiarize yourself with this brand of detergent. It is the broke man's detergent, and works quite well. If you don't recognize this brand, please stop acting like you ever had it rough growing up, because you obviously didn't. Anyways, once you feel the economy's pinch and can't afford your $14 Tide anymore, take comfort in knowing boxes on $2 Trend are sold all across the country and contrarty to popular belief, poor people do not stink. Can't you read the box? They have a fresh clean scent.

1 comment:

Mayor Stoner said...

WOW! Do you sell this stuff????


Did you know it was invented by a guy who lives in Lando???