Thursday, January 3, 2008

Johnny Depp & I are SOOO tight

I mean, he’s not like- my boyfriend or anything, and I’m like married, but we are sooo tight.
Don’t believe me? Let me review some points with you.

1-We smoke-
JD- actually wishes he had more mouths to smoke out of
MK-I smoke in my dreams. Especially when I have ultimate control over someone and must decide their fate. This is also why Mr. Burns and I are so tight. Kinda makes JD a little jealous.

2-We like scissors-
JD- used to wear his Edward Scissor hands –hands when he was off set to get a realistic feel for what it would be like to have real scissor hands
MK-I can’t find a pair of scissors in my house – so forget ever getting to run with them. Scissors are so scarce in my house, my family members actually hoard them like gold.

3-We like the French
I eat french fries, he eats french…Let’s move on shall we?

4-We like pirates
JD- plays the charmingly decadent Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean inspiring thousands to try and pass off fake pirate accents
MK-wear a small gold hoop earring at the top of my left ear. Keeps me pleasantly amused as I daydream about robbing and pillaging as I tidy the house. FYI- the fake pirate accent only works for my husband-sometimes

5-We are internationally known
JD- for his daring choices in movie scripts and the insanely strange and fantastically odd characters he chooses to play
MK-every race under the sun beats a path to my door to ask me the age old question- "Where are you from?" Then they explain to me how they were so sure I was (fill in the blank). So far, these are some of the races and nationalities that have tried to claim me: Indian, American Indian, Phillipino, Puerto Rican, Mexican, African American, Brazilian, Colombian, Spaniard, etc.

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