Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I am so not from around here-

Yeah- you can save your breath because I am so not from around here. Where am I from? Well here's the long and short of it.

Short: My dad was from Alabama and met my mom on his Army tour of duty in Panama. Now I live in Lancaster, SC- my husband's hometown.

Long: I was born in Ft. Davis, Panama, moved to Ft. Benning, GA when I was like 2, then Ft. Ord, CA when I was 6, back to Ft. Sherman, Panama when I was 9, then Ft. Jackson, SC when I was 12. The best part of this was the stretch between 9 & 12 in Panama.

During this time- we lived in Upper Sherman- @ 25-50 Duplex style homes on cement block stilts. My mom was horribly ill and very pregnant with my sister. My mom had these giant blisters/boils all over her body-even the soles of her feet- that the doctors couldn't diagnose or treat since she was pregnant. She was hospitalized and this left me so unsupervised in a tropical paradise. I don't remember 1 single meal while we lived in Panama or even what the inside of our house looked like.

It was the coolest thing ever. I didn't even miss my mom- I am quite self sufficient and totally self- absorbed. Here is a list of how I spent my days-

-riding my BMX bike to the airfield and watching the helicopters take off
-cutting through the swampy air fields to get to the library
-then washing the foul black mud off in the library sink-sorry!
-spending my money on giant Sweet Tarts at the PX
-break dancing to Thriller on the Juke Box
-praticing my moonwalk in the carport
-watching sloths in my backyard
-busting open clams (maybe they were oysters) trying to find pearls
-climbing the rocks at the lighthouse
-playing in chest deep water at the lighthouse tring to catch colorful fish with my hands
-catching hermit crabs only to take them home and they died
-picking my way through the swampy jungle to get to the beach
-tight-rope walking on this huge pipe to get to Devil's Beach- lots of undercurrent
-hiding out in an old underground bunker complete with camoflauge stuff and barbed wire
-exploring what used to be a zoo and imagining what animal's used to live there
-catching royal blue butterflies and making display cases out of milk cartons
-catching jellyfish in old pudding cup cans and wondering why my hands burned
-covering myself head to toe in mud at the dirt bike track and earning the name "diarhea head" (thanx bro)
-daring and drinking water out of this deep well with all this slimy stuff growing in it
-checking out dead snakes that cars had run over
-busting coconuts open with a machete, drinking the milk and making coconut popsicles
-playing with Stephanie- older kid with glasses- just like me- thanx for buying me Brainy Smurf!
-walking to the movies in the dark with flashlights
-repeatedly falling off my bike and limping to Doc's house for a patch up (I assume he was a doctor)
-watching movies in the theatres with bats flying overhead
-stuffing myself with anything gummie- first bears- then worms
-playing hide and go seek with the big kids- who spit guava seeds into each others mouths to determine team captains- they were soooo cool
-trying to hold my breath as the truck came by spewing mosquito repellent everywhere ( I'm sure I looked like the bugs in the Raid commercials)

So yeah- I am so not from around here.

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Hope you've looked into the Military Brats website. It is a great way for former military brats to connect with people you no longer live near.

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