Thursday, December 27, 2007

We had a sh*tty time A Moe’s...

My sister-in-law and I ate at Moes after the baaby Mason's doctor apptthen went outside to show Mason the fountain, when I pickedhim up out of the stroller, I got a hand full of it - but itdidn't quite register until I let him stand at the edge ofthe fountain- turds hit the bricks.It was all down his legs, all over my hands and all over hisclothes- socks and stroller. I don't know where it camefrom- well i know where but God A'mighty!We went around to the other side of the brick wall thatfaces the movies and I had to lay him on the concrete toclean him up.Once he was clean, I left him with my sister-in-law and wentinto Moe's to wash my hands. While I was washing my hands,I looked in the mirror and saw I had a 4-6 inch streak ofdooky across my shirt- maybe those poor people in Moe'sthought it was refired beans.Anyway- a sh*tty day at Moe's still beats a day at theoffice.

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