Friday, December 28, 2007

The Tale of the Granny Grabber

Lancaster, SC is a small town, so there aren't many places to eat besides Crack Donald's and Murder King (I got that from the substitute teacher on CNN). We do have 1 nice restaurant on Main Street called Charlie's and it is usually packed on Friday and Saturday nights.

This particular night, we arrived in the middle of the dinner rush and the place was full. We were standing in the entrance next to the baby grand piano and there were people all around. We saw a couple we knew and moved closer to them so we could speak.
As we moved closer to the people we knew, I noticed Harrison, my son –age 10 at the time- hug this old lady. I figured he knew her from school or something and didn't pay it any attention.
As the elderly couple left, I said- H- who was that lady? H-said-I don't know, I thought you knew her. She held her arms out, so I guessed I was supposed to hug her.

Turns out, as we were creeping closer to the folks we knew, an elderly couple was trying to get around us so they could leave the restaurant. The old lady tried to inch by us with her arms outstretched for balance and Harrison thought we knew her and just grabbed and hugged her like she was one of Tommie's relatives he was supposed to remember.

Ever since them he has been known as the "Granny Grabber" and sometimes he will dance to "Boomin' Granny". Senior Citizens- you have been warned so don't drop your coupons!

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