Friday, December 28, 2007

Safe Passage- A Domestic Peace Program

I went to the Safe Passage Conference yesterday at USCL and thought I'dpass on some of what I learned-
Of course- that statistics are shocking-
-every 9 seconds a woman is being beaten in the United States
-3 million children witness domestic violence each year
-at least 4 women are killed by battering every day
-SC ranks 7 in the number of women killed by male intimate partners

I'm sure at some point- you've met someone who you wanted to help, but were afraid to get involved (this came up yesterday)
Donna Jackson is the Victim's Advocate for the Sheriff's Department,Lancaster County 803-283-4136You can call her and give her names. addresses and she will make contactwith the woman just to let her know there are options
Women can also call her anonymously.

Other ways to helpSafe Passage takes all kinds of donations
-clothes, shoes
-any household items
-toys-baby items
- cribs, diapers, etc
-school supplies
-arts & craft materials
-phone cards, old cell phones (will be refurbished for emergency calls)
-prescription cards
-canned foods, You can sponsor a dinner- I made tacos for them last night
-feminine hygiene products, personal hygiene aka- toothbrushes etc

Every now and then I've asked some of you in merchandising for donations-Thanks for everything you have given!Remember- These women come with their children and are allowed only 1 bag of clothes per family. When they move out- Safe Passage helps them furnishan entire apartment with YOUR donations.

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