Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Jeckyll & Hyde Jewelry Box

This morning, as I was getting ready to pack for my beach trip, I started to think about my jewelry box. It was a birthday gift from my brohter and has a key with a tassle and actually locks and everyhting. This jelwery box hasn't actually been locked in several years because I have it crammed full of so many different kinds of jewelry. Why- you may ask- because I have a multifaceted personality and God only knows who I will be today.

Pearls- real ones are gifts from my husband- these are usually reserved for wedding and funerals. faux pearls- I use these for everyday casual dressing because I don't care if they get ruined or lost

Silver -my favorite silver pieces are a large link necklace and bracelet- I bought this from a pawn shop- it was originally a pimp chain and I had the jeweler cut it into a necklace and bracelet. it is the only 1 in the world and it was my brainchild. It instantly adds several zeros to what people think is my yearly income.

Rhinestones -this is reserved for when I channelling my "almost famous" look. I typically go over the top for concerts- etc and wear the rhinestone belt, 1 heart necklace, huge cross necklace, 5 row stretch bracelet and then I'll add a rhinestone pin to either my back pocket or my jean pant leg. The look is so surreal. I also add a chunky diamond ring to the mix. People love to ask if it is real- it is ( as in it's not make believe)

Shells - I love sea shells and have a large round abelone disk with tiny stone dangles at the bottom. It make me look earthy and artistic. I don't wear it too often because I prefer the adding zeros to my income look (AKA silver pinp chain)

Misc - this accounts for the myriad of earring, bracelets and necklaces that I have - all heaped into this little jewelry box.

I can't stop buying new pieces, I even have a couple of tiaras.
I love it so much, I have a jewelry store Are you ready to sparkle?

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