Friday, December 28, 2007

My God Given Talent

OK so this year, 1 of my resolutions was to read the Bible. I consider myself a well read person, but had never read the "good book" cover to cover ( I still haven't finished it and the clock is tick-tocking).
So, it's like full of all this interesting and inspirational stuff- then I come across the story @ talents and start thinking- "Oh great- what is my talent- cause I know I ain't usin' it". Great- the Bible has stumped me- I quit reading for a few days trying to figure this out- cause if you don't use your talents- God takes them and gives them to someone else. So I go over the most common- can I sing?- not really, dance?- only after drinks, play piano?- no (and no mother the recorder does NOT count). So what do I do really well? What am I good at?
And then one day it dawns on me- My father-in-law told me this when we were remodeling a little house "You can't turn chicken sh*t into chicken salad". But see I'm different because I CAN. I do it everyday and I do it very well ( of course it's not the best tasting chicken salad- but it is edible). I've done it since I was 14 and my parent divorced- I had to pick up the pieces of my mother and hold them together- and again when I had a baby at 18 and entered into a marriage I knew wouldn't last- I gathered up the remains of myself and moved home.
I am a results oriented person- I'll listen to your sob story once- but if you don't take my advice- I can't help you. I am very good at what I do-I can analyze a myriad of splintered details and outline the most efficient and effective plan to correct the problems. I can easily see past complaints to distill if the true issues are simply hurt pride or revenge. I can also easily calculate what someone would consider the "ultimate insult"-but I only play this game with my husband- it would be pure evil to actually carry out the insult. The only drawback to this talent is that it is hard for me to get close to people – because I want to take over and solve their problems- when all they really want is someone to listen and say "that sucks".
So, now that I have ID'd my TALENT- I will choose to use it for good instead f evil. My focus will be helping Safe Passage- our local battered women's shelter here in Lancaster, SC. I collect household items/donations for them and take cupcakes and goody bags on holidays. They don't have the food budget for extras like cupcakes- so I try to help out 'cause I know those kids like cupcakes:).

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