Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lady Fingers- Made from Real Ladies (JK)

These delicious life-like lady finger are made from real ladies- I mean crescent rolls. They are sure to terrify your spookiest guests this Halloween season and cause quite a commotion at the dinner table!
whole almonds
1 can crescent roll dough
Step 1. Die @ 20 whole almonds red using red food color. Let air dry
Step 2. Roll out your crescent roll dough. Press together at pre-cut perforations.
Step 3. Cut into strips. Hold each strip in your hand(across your fingers) and make a loose fist. This squeeze make the knuckles.
Step 4. Arrage on a baking sheet and press a red almond into 1 end for the fingernail
Step 5. Cook according to temperature and time on can directions.
Arrange your terribly delicious lady fingers on a silver platter and enjoy!

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