Thursday, December 27, 2007

It was a dark and stormy night...and there was a killer on the loose

Ok well, I don't know if he was a killer or not, but I do know there was an imate loose. We- my husband, my son and I were staying at my father in-laws split level house while we built a house next door. We had the upstairs masterbedroom, and my FIL took the downstairs bedroom with the backdoor.

I had gotten the news about the escape convict first, so I was making sure everyone locked their doors that night. I told my husband- who was working next door on our house and often worked late hours. I told my FIL, who then told me this happened years ago and the escape convict killed a neighbor. I said "Well, you need to be on the lookout JIC and lock that backdoor in your bedroom" and he said "He better be on the look out- cause if he comes after me- I'll kill him." Needless to say- he didn't lock the door.

The set up- I went to bed- upstairs. My FIL came in late (he usually stayed at his girlfriend's- but not this night) and went to bed downstais- and my husband was just wrapping up working on our house next door. FIL thought it was SO late, that me & Tommie were asleep. Tommie (my husband) thought his dad has stayed at his girlfriend's, so he came through the backdoor in the bedroom to get in the house.

This is how it played out-Tommie opens backdoor- FIL hears door open (assumes its the killer) and screams "I'll kill you" over and over
Tommie hears this as soon as he opens the door and thinks its the KILLER hiding in the house and threatening HIM and starts screaming also.

I'm upstairs laughing so hard I can barely breathe and almost pee my pants. They didn't think it was too funny, but I thought it was hilarious.

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