Thursday, December 27, 2007

How I "BIG LOVE" my husband, let me count the ways...

OK- so you've heard of the HBO series- Big Love. Bill and his 3 wives and their litter of offspring. I must admit- the show creeps me out, yet I can't stop watching. I'm mesmerized by the 3 wives and their dopey doe-eyed utterly riduculous devotion to Bill. I read once that the faults you easily find in others- are readily evident in your own character. So upon closer examination- I try to strip away the layers of my obsession/ repulsion and get a little closer to the real me. Shall we begin? Keep up please 'cause I'm not going to repeat myself.

Let's start with Barb-I like her because I think she genuinely loves Bill. She is smart- level headed and a good wife and mother. I identify with her because she is always struggling to keep an equal balance of power between her and her husband. I also ID with her because I can't stand to have other people know more about MY household and its issues/schedule than I do. For her it's the other wives, for me, it's family and friends who inform me of things before my husband does. She creeps me out because she tolerates his 2 other wives and even schedules their "nights" with her husband. Moral- no matter how well you think your marriage is cemented- don't think another woman wouldn't die to get your man- or he to get her (with your approval of course).

2nd is Nikki-she is a proverbial square, but a keen defender of the family. I like her because she is loyal. I don't like her because she is secretive and totally submissive to Bill. I ID with her because I get tired of taking care of everything for everyone- so sometimes I don't do it with a smile. When this happens, it's a lose -lose situation because I end up making everyone miserble. Moral- lighten up or you will drive your husband and family away.

Last is Margine- the young hot giggly 3rd wife. She used to drive me NUTS with her optimism and overzealous romps with Bill. I always put her in the "girlfriend" category. Then it hit me-whats wrong with optimism and overzealous romps with your husband? Moral-If more women acted like a girlfriend instead of always acting like a wife- married men would be happier.

My take aways- I must incorporate all 3 distinct women into 1 improved me.
-Fight to keep on equal footing with my husband
-Acknowledge that he is the head of the household, but I am the heart
-Gaze at him dreamily from time to time, complement his good looks and muscles, laugh at his jokes and reap the benefits of a few wild romps with my husband.

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