Friday, December 28, 2007

Hello neighbor-I’ve turned into Mr. Rogers

When did this happen? The other night, I came home from work- greeted my mom and picked up my 19 mo. old son and headed straight to the closet (dead giveaway clue 1).
Here I proceeded to change out of my nice work clothes into my "mommy" clothes and even put on a zip up hooded sweatshirt- all the while rattling off complements and random commentary to my baby boy- I even changed my shoes (dead giveaway 2) trading in my pewter pumps for my old New Balance tennies.
And it doesn't stop there. Next we went and- you guessed it- fed my son Mason's pet fish (dead giveaway 3). After this it was all downhill. I helped Mason color and found myself explaining why we don't eat crayons (even though they are non-toxic as I traumatically proved to my sister over 10 years ago while she screamed about how I was gonna die-hello- I'm STILL HERE).
Next we took out nightly spin on my bike down the street- guess what? We waved at the neighbors- just like on TV only not in TechnicolorL (dead giveaway 4).
What is going on? When did TV become reality? It was all too overwhelming- I tried asking Henrietta Pussycat what was going on, but she just answered me with some wacked out "Meow meow play meow meow learn". Just my luck-more of King Friday's propraganda.

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