Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ghetto Mac & Cheese

After my parents split, we were broke and only ate store brand mac & cheese (you know the kind- it had like scissors on it "cutting" the price in half) for like years. I was 14 and my sister was 5, so I always has to cook "dinner". The tricky part is we were always out of a key ingredient like milk or butter. We were also tired of following the box directions. SO, I came up with the following variations of the classic store brand mac & cheese.

1- regular, just like the directions say-UM UM good
2- soupy, add a lil' extra milk- kinda like a watery soup (hence the name "soupy")
3- crunchy, no milk, just butter- it was our ghetto fettucine alfredo
4- dry, no milk, no butter- just dusty noodlesWe still laugh to this day about it.

For a while I couldn't even look at macaroni and cheese in the grocery store. I finally started buying Kraft brand, but have settled for Walmart's Great Value. After growing up broke, I still can't part with that extra fifty cents.

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