Friday, December 28, 2007

Charlotte’s No-Tell Motel, The Ascot Inn

A few weeks ago, Tommie and I stayed at the Ascot Inn- Charlotte, NC's premiere No-Tell Motel. It was just like in the movies and was "home of the heart shaped tub". Of course, we checked in too late and all the heart shaped tubs were goneL , but we got a premo suite NE Ways because they have "themed" rooms. It was like 3 blocks from Amos's South End where Rehab was playing and little did we know right next door to the Uptown Cabaret.

Lucky me- I got to be Tommie's "special lady friend" and when Tommie explained that I was his wife, the check in guy was still like "oh yeah, everyone bring wife here Ha Ha". So- I was special lady friend the rest of the night. At least I was dressed for the part- you know –going to a live concert and all. I must say- the digs weren't cheap, but the champagne was bubbly. Yeah- our room came with a chilled bottle of champagne- Tommie chose dry- and the guy ran in before us- cut on the air, spread silk rose petals on the bed, turned the radio on and sprayed air freshener in the room. Boy- this place was too real- like freaky plastic flowers real. It even came with heart shaped soap. You have to see it to believe it. It even had a sexy shower with a clear shower curtain you could see from the anywhere in the room.,

It was my first time at a No-Tell Motel, and I must say it was quite an adventure. I kept expecting Disco Stew or Dirk Diggler to bust in. They never did, but I wasn't bummed out about it. It was just like the hotel room in the movie "True Romance". Tommie and I assumed our own incognito personalities for the night and had a blast. For a good time- you must come LOA.
For an adventure if you are in a rut- I give it 5 stars*****.

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