Thursday, December 27, 2007

The birth of AQUA-TOM

Well, Tommie and I were getting ready to go out to eat one afternoon and were already late. The neighbors were swimming in the pool, but it was fine because they had an open-ended invitaion and we were leaving anyway. Tommie, of course, got ready before I did and was harrasing me trying to make me hurry up when we heard the doorbell ring. Very odd- since the front door is the only door with a doorbell and no one uses the front door.
He went to see what was going on and I kept getting ready -at this point I was curling my hair. He came back @ 10 minutes later soaking wet. I said "What are you messing around for? We are already late!" and he said "I just saved the neighbor and her son from drowing!". I said "BS". He said "I swear".

Apparently the son got tired in the deep end and sank to the bottom. She jumped in to save him, but hadn't swam in like 10 years- so she sank to the bottom too. The other kid ran to the patio and beat on the door like mad. (Remember- we heard the doorbell- not knocking- so who was that?) Tommie went to see about the doorbell and heard the knocking- kid spilled the beans about them at the bottom of the pool- Tommie jumped in and saved both of them.
Did I mention he is a certified lifeguard?- Well he is. Once he got both of them to the patio, the mother went wild thanking and praising Jesus. Tommie was like"Yeah- she didn't even say thank you- she kept thanking Jesus and he wasn't even there." Did I mention he is also sarcastic? Well he is. Anyway- we teased him endlessly that night at dinner about super heroes need no thanks.

So now you know how Aqua-Tom was born. Just please thank Jesus & Aqua-Tom if he saves your life.

PS. And I believe Jesus WAS there- who else rang the doorbell?

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