Friday, December 28, 2007

Bingo Lady

When I was little- like 8 yrs old- we lived in Ft. Ord California and I used to spend the night at my friend's house. Her mom was Korean and used to say-"Bye Bye- I go play BINGO now. Don't tell you moma!" and used to leave us 2 8yr olds ALONE.

Nothing ever happened, but being older now I see how CRAZY that was.
She would also buy goldfish from the pet store and we would all gather around in the kitchen and watch as she fed the goldfish to the cat. I guess when you are 8 this stuff seems normal. That poor fish just flopped his heart out all over the kitchen floor and then the cat would pounce and it was all over.

End of story. Bye Bye- I go play BINGO now!!!!

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