Thursday, December 27, 2007

Best Tangerine EVER

Once upon a time I worked at a mortagage company and used to eat 2 fruits a day. I was trying to get my 5 servings a day in of fruits and vegetables. (I have since quit trying- JK). It was the dead of summer and the company would cut the air off on the weekends to save money. So- I forgot to eat my tangerine on Friday and it sat in the sweltering heat all weekend and fermented. Monday, I of course had no idea until the first bite, discovered such fermented fruit and ate with wild abandon. How lucky was I to get nature's own cocktail in its own natural little wrapper? It was like my cosmic karma bartender had served up a sweet little fruity surprise for me on an otherwise crappy run of the mill Monday. None of my co-workers were the wiser, and I enjoyed the teeniest at work buzz ever. Not like my first at-work buzz- for God's sake I used to be a waitress, but my first little office work buzz.

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